Some of the Muddy trainers after the first ever Parkrun held at Erddig Hall. Phil, Gwawr, Peter, Sarah. Clare, Dawn and Nicky. Dawn wrote the piece below and Nicky's face tells us this picture was taken after the run

Erddig Muddy Trainers

It was one of our runners, Dawn, who coined the name Erddig Muddy Trainers and the name was straightaway adopted by the group as the name of our running club. The name really tells you all you need to know about the club.


We run at Erddig Hall National Trust

It’s usually muddy on the woodland paths we run on

We train in trainers

We are very funny


We are a beginner running group. That means we start slowly and gradually build up. Each runner can run at their own pace. The enthusiasm and determination in the group is well exemplified by Rachel who started off barely able to run half a mile and has now run all three 5K parkruns also held at Erddig Hall breaking her pb each time. She enters into other runs besides.  Her enthusiasm for running is infectious. Our attitude is relaxed and friendly but we do improve as shown by the large number of our runners now taking part in the Erddig Parkrun.  

So our name tells you what you need to know. Maybe it should be called:  The Erddig 10 o’clock on Saturday meet by the Dovecote Muddy Trainers.  Why not join in. Running is great!

Peter Varley

From Dawn Rogers of Erddig Muddy Trainers


‘I’ve always wanted to put on my trainers and go for a run. I’d tried a few times on my own but couldn’t find the motivation. From the pain in my legs and lungs I began to think it too much to ask of my body. I hadn’t run since leaving school 25 years ago, not even for a bus.

I saw the advert for Erddig beginner running group and thought I’d be brave and turn up to the meeting, after all it did say ‘total beginners’. I hoped I wouldn’t be the oldest or most unfit person there. I was most surprised to see a mixture of men and women of all ages just wanting to be able to run, what’s even better is that we were all of the same ability - practically none. Everyone was so friendly and helpful it was easy to chat and make new friends.

The help and advice from the volunteers has been invaluable and it has given me the belief in myself I needed to prove I can get there. The ever changing surroundings of Erddig make it a lovely place to run with different routes to keep the runs interesting.

But by bit I found my pace (slow and steady), so within 4 months I can honestly say that I have reached my goal. I am still working on improving but now I definitely can put on my trainers and go for a run.’


Dawn Rogers